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Before I replaced the master cylinder I heard a humm noise off and on, the week before I replaced the master cylinder my service system stability light came on, after that it went off now it's on again and comes and goes occasionally with a humm noise? Do u know what it could be
I got the differential fix and rear-t-case and front and back u-joint and front brakes and rotor done and they still can't what's wrong please help.thanks
Security light never goes off, even without power. Battery light flashes constantly, gas gauge doesn't work, driverside seat won't controls won't work, system info light constantly flashes. Any ideas?? 2002 Escalade EXT
My tire pressure monitor light came on, also, and stays on. Tire pressure is fine. Is the cold weather affecting sensors ? Just had fuel pump in tank replaced . During warm weather tire light goes out. I do not have a block heater (Calif. truck), now in Minnesota (4 yrs.). Truck has 207,000+ miles. First time I've been stranded as I bought it new .
Just had transmissions done also
It has happened when I get out. As well as directly after starting, while driving. Begins with one honk, then increases to multiple times.
automatic transmission shifts hard when taking off and it shifts first gear. it has been doing it more often lately. 2005 Cadillac 194k miles. trans. fluid has been changed twice.
my service stability system light comes on and stays on. whene i bought it the guy said he had serviced the stab system and that i probably need to unhook the battery cable to reset the light, and the onley thing he did was put shocks on it. dose that have anything to do with it?
could someone tell me where on 2002 caddilac escalade ext stability system sensor is located?
vibration is slite at low speeds. but when i get to about 60mph its stronger and louder. its like a humming vibration that you here. i dont realy feel it in the sterring wheel. i do feel it on the front floor my side and in my seat. i have changed the left side hub berring and front tires but no change. can anyone help me with this problem.
at low speeds just a little sound then it goes away. but when i get it at highway speeds above 58 is when i get the humming vibration. sometime if i get off the gas it will go away untill the trans put torq back on. its seams to be getting louder and i feel in my feet when on the floor while driving not so much in sterring wheel.
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