2005 Cadillac Escalade ESV Questions

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when I try to put gas in tank it just comes back out and shots pump off
To immediately correct this I have to turn off the vehicle and restart. Once I do this something resets and vents blow cold air, as expected.
Air conditioner set on 60 with the lowest fan setting (blowing on face) While driving the fan blew at high all by itself, yet the control panel shows it still on the lowest setting. If I TURN OFF the Air conditioner it still blows but on the FOOT setting. When car it TURNED OFF the air conditioner still runs and WILL NOT shut off. I have to disconnect the battery to get it to go off. Once I turn the ignition on again the air starts up in the OFF mode in the foot setting.
What is going on?
do the gages have anything to do with the alternator or do I have more issues
Gas gauge also went out
Took off from a stop sign felt like it shifted to neutral. Had to manually shift to get it home and at every stop have to start in first. Any ideas?
This happens because a heavy breaking. Some body in a truck passed in from of me please anwers....
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