2006 Cadillac Escalade Questions

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No noise just poor gas mileage
I was driving on the interstate when all of a sudden the vehicle just shut off And now it won't start but you can hear the fuel pump turn off and on and it does crank over but wont start
My engine is rolling is not working pls I've trying many things like fuel pump what next can I do again.
A message on the control panel says service ride control
1st. Time this ever happend. Had truck for 2mths. Today it just happend. Im at a family funeral. What could b the problem?
wouldnt start for wife, changed starter , changed battery , now blows 40 ignition fuse when key is turned for starting
it only does it when I come to a stop.and try to take off gas pedel to the flore and it takes I second and then it will take off.i do not have any problem after it starts moving.what could it be?its like it dosent get gas for a second when you stop. and try to take off that's when it happens.and it does not do it every time
I have already replaced the thermostat and water heater. The two fans are working properly. There does still seem to be air in my lines but I have done every thing to correct that.
I got a new battery and still no power
Seems to ride well besides
The problem happens almost every time the car sits over night. When I take it have the battery checked, they say it is fully charged. Could something be draining the battery?
What ie problem and how much to fix
It clears whenever I push any of the buttons on the steering wheels. What typically causes this message and how can I self-diagnose it?
I believe the cd changer is causing my battery to run down the cd changer continues to cycle with no cd in the chamber I would like to disconnect the plug or remove the fuse for this device.
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