2004 Cadillac Escalade Questions

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Driver's air shuts off blows hot air no rhyme or reason when it will happen if I shut of motor for a minute and start up again it will be cold
Need to replace my fuel filter
Happend when I went to turn on the heater. Once, I turned the nob it did not turn off. I then shut down the and it was still on. You can hear the motor running and feel warm air through every vent. Any help?
Cruise control stopped working top light not working at all brake lights wont light up when stopping but all other lights and functions are working?
Dvd is never used so not sure if it got bumped or not.
Just pulled in driveway from running errands and the brake light popped on and the light to left of it turned on and the the gas guage went from 1/4 full to empty and the DIC flickered iiiitt or something and all lights on DIC went blank and and the brake light and light next to it went blank and gas guage went back up. I shut off and turned back on and usually it pops up driver 1 etc.. and something is displayed all the time. The battery is a little under the 14. For sure a 14 or maybe a 12.5.
No electric control of driver side electric seat, passenge side works OK, also both driver & pass heat seat do not work.
This happen a few times but would allways start working again, but it has failed to turn back on now.
Also back up sensors have not worked in 100,00 miles
cruise control stopped working for about 300 miles but started working today
and ideal would be appreciated
ive crawled up and down the frame rail on driver side and cant locate the fuel filter. is it a tank filter?
These two flash in dash
Looks like a cart...what does it mean?
Started making buzzing sound when a I shifted into reverse or drive . Now the latch will not open and I cannot use the trunk area.
the vehicle turns on but then shuts off and the instrument panel it's not working what could it be
front blower and a/c - heat work fine , unless I turn the blower on hi then it sounds like a helo.. no blower air comes out of the rear vents. any ideas?
thanks matt3
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