2003 Cadillac Escalade Questions

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The front seats will not move backward or forward and the heat control for the front seats won't turn on to heat seats.
Car immediately developed steering problems. VERY front end heavy and hard to steer.
Dashboard and center councel are whats the diferent
Receive warning that the Rear Access Door is Open. Can't find a sensor near the door for this alert. Confirmed hatch and door are fully closed and secure. Of course with it thinking the door is open, the dome lights stay on while driving but do turn off with delay when engine off. Problem has been consistent for 1 week now. Mileage is 110,000. Where do I look to troubleshoot the problem?
It doesn't do nothing .only anti theft light goes on.I did the 10 minute step and it went away. Car was on for like 7secounds and turned off by it I can't start it anymore.
all other gauges work. Some thing other than gauge?
The battery is not dead try to jump start will not. it is intermittent.had it checked at a shop. altinater battery starter all ok? any suggestions?
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