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Replaced battery and terminals on 2002 cadillac escalade car started but lights flickering and car loosing power. Car completely died out and now doesnt do anything
under hood ac lines are ice cold but blows hot air from interior vents. This happened all of a sudden one day this week while driving.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing seems to make the problem any better
How long have you had this problem? couple days now
My ac does not cool well in the front but the back cools good? I check the actuator door an it is ok. What else could be the issue?
at low speeds
I hit a deer and week ago and the truck of course started running funny. I took it to the shop and was told it needed a radiator, transmission line. After that was the done the truck started stalling once I get up to 30 MPh it's goes into gears but it stalls once it gets to the 3 on the rpm on the dash. I never had issues with my truck before the accident is this a sign of my transmission going bad after Mr hitting a deer????? I spoke with another shop member and they are saying they don't it's the transmission I even got a transmission strainer put on and it's still stalls what can it possible be
can't find a switch to release the window the hatch unlocks with the doors
it is a 2002, I don't care if I loose a shock option I just want a cheep fix on my front shocks
When in park i strp on gas pedal and rpm go up but when driving down the street it stalls,iput it back in park and smach gas and rpm go up
Vehicle idles low its worse when running heat or air and definitely worse when running the back heat and air car idles low and dies when braking or stopped
the front climate controls, cd player, reverse tilt programming, and the lights on the settings control panel all stopped working at the same time. what would cause that?
parked it over night working fine the day before also when I turned the key the first time on the morning it happen could smell like burnt wire or fuse?
Wiper blades does not work that heating and air system does not work battery light stays on
2002 Cadi Escalade 244,000 miles. Owned since new. Excellent shape, routine maintenance done religiously. Has been running great...still is. Came home today and something smelled like it was burning in the engine compartment driver side. There was no smoke and nothing looks burned or melted. All gauges read Normal. The panel (exterior) driver side was Very Hot to touch. And so was a black box inside the compartment that is labeled Electrical Center which sits next to the battery...which was not hot. Any ideas what might be going on?
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