2000 Cadillac Eldorado Questions

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I have checked the wiring harness at the speaker, and it is fine. The problem started with the rear speakers not working in the morning, then when I left work they operated fine. Now, no sound at all.
Cuts out after like 3 seconds. Car always starts but then cuts out. Security warning on dash displays about theft of course. Also noticed my cats key chips moves around. Is that chip supposed to be a fixed piece??
My control panel light for the AC & heater is blacked outja
Change thermostat water pump and radiator the car still overheating run and about to 230 degrees how do I remove the air or is there some other issue to this overheating or causing it to overheat
how do i turn the security light off
also next day climate control switched itself to celcius ,speedometer wasn't correct
turn not start
wipers @ times works and when it rains they don't.can u help?
The door panel is coming loose.
and a/c high side temp. sensor
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