1999 Cadillac Eldorado Questions

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My 1999 Cadillac elderado only blows heat on driver side and cold comes out on the passenger side. why is this?
The engine will turn over but it won't crank up.
at times ill park turn off car come back and go to unlock doors with push button and nothing so must unlock with key when I open door no lights come on as if the batt is completely dead. but its not I put the key in the ignition and crank and car will start right upbut alarm activates horn starts honking and lights flash. sometimes I can put car in gear and alarm stops but sometimes it doesn't.
oil pressure light comes on. oil sending unit sensor replaced but it still comes on
I need to unblock the line because water is coming into the cabin
climate controlled so in winter it heats summer it cools, problem is water on floor in cabin coming from side of console
tried key in all positions at first they started blinking when turned on at night then would stay on now cant get them to go out
My car will not start sometimes. And when it doesn't start, it's usually down for about two days but will run for maybe four days. I keep my Eldorado maintained. Regular oil changes, etc.. Just bought a new battery and tires in December. I doubt it's the anti-theft system since it doesn't give directions on removing my key although it did one time a few months back. Hasnt done it since. But anyways, when I can't get my vehicle to start, the Service engin soon light comes on. No flashing or solid Security light. When it starts, the service light is off and showing no signs of problems. I have had my idle control and heater core serviced in the past and I did the pull down switch repair myself. I have been seeking help all over the Internet but all that I can find is on the Anti-Theft System. I am thinking it's my ignition switch or coil. But how could I know?
will a bad water pump set senors off when read by a computer
Ad starter is disabled
Seems to be random. It usually goes off in the middle of the night, but sometimes it goes off in the middle of the day. I'm certain that it's not someone hitting it and I have just put a new battery in it. It was doing it before and it's still doing it.
The lights and horn is constant when I changed the battery
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