1997 Cadillac Eldorado Questions

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the alarm seems to go off at night in cold weather or high wings
Installed new alternator, checkd it first to make certain it is in good working order and it is, installed new battery. Installed newly rebuilt ECM, conducted the RELEARN for the security system. Started the car, but still not charging the battery, Battery losing voltage. Absolutly no idea what it could be.. maybe a fuse? a relay? HELP!
My fuel gauge continues to move up and down. I do not know how much gas is in the car. I think I might need Fuel Level Sensor Kit with Sensor, Float, Seal, and Cap, but I do not know where it is located to replace.
Replaced pre and post cat 02 sensors and completely bypassed wiring on the high amd low side. Still only sending a consistent reference signal of .45 volts. Cleaned ground on engine and have proper resistance. Any thoughts? This one has got me stumped and i need some help
The grinding noise is coming from underneath by the muffler and it does it for a little bit and then it stops I looked underneath and it looks like there's like a little motor there
I have had the radiator flushed and replaced the heater core al Ready. What else could be causing this. When the ac is on its cold on both sides. When heat is on it is only on the drivers side. Thanks
Car was fine then one month ago decided not to start. Dash lights come on normally in run position but when I turn key to start just check engine light and no sound at all. No codes, no messages, no nothing. Bought and installed new battery, car started and went to store. Came out and car would not start. Tried again, car started. drove twice since then and then car doesn't start. Tried to start it 3 different days in one week and it would not start. Went out yesterday to try it and it starts. Still no codes or messages that everyone is talking about. Oh, I did take it to the shop after the first time I got it started again and they said battery and cables seem fine and they can't tell what the problem is unless it doesn't start again. How can I get this fixed without it costing me a fortune? Scared to drive it anywhere.
fixed break line new fuel pump. the real thing to really find the problem is the fact the car flashes on the dashboard all gears light up yellow on constantly flash what is the problem it crank but afeter 5secs off lights flash where the gear light shows
What kind of screws does the air bag take on my 1997 Eldorado Cadi ? Someone took mine. I am having a hard time finding them. They don't make them anymore. Help !!!! Will something else work for me ?
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