1992 Cadillac Eldorado Questions

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The whole blinker doesn't work
I added too much transmission fluid to the car andfluid poured out underneath the car on the front driver's side and it started but would not move.
I lost the keys to my 1992 Cadillac Allante and had to put a new ignition switch in it,then i had to go to the Cadillac dealer and have a new key made with the chip in the key.The key turn on the switch,put the car won't start.It does nothing on start position.
12.7V on battery with car off. !4.5V with car running and accessories on. When driving the alternator stops charging and the battery begins to drain until car dies. I've replaced and tested the alternator and battery. Also added a new belt, tensioner and pulley. No codes show on diagnostic. The starter now seems to have died. Could this be a loose ground under the front of the block? A bad positive connection at the starter? Any help would be great.
hot only lukewarm. I replaced the thermostat but still doesn't get hot. The engine gets hot enough that the engine fan comes on when it reaches 225. Is that temp normal? It never runs hot I just wondering about that. This car has the V8 4.9 engine. Not the Northstar.
left it stops. What could be causing that ?
I have noise coming from my alternator
Suspect broken motor mounts. Any suggestions welcome. No warning lights or messages on dash print out.
door key will not unlock the drivers door, can I unplug the sec. mod. to reset the system
(Security) light does not come on. Waited 3 minutes. tried to start car but it won't start. Tried different key, still won't start.
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