1991 Cadillac Eldorado Questions

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Could it be related to the fuel pump?
I have had a few people help check this car out and we removed the BCM and sent it for repair. When it returned I re-installed it and to no avail the lights still do not work when the doors are opened. Also the radio and high beams don't work as well. I need help ASAP, this is driving me nuts
with the battery ground wires disconected and a test light between the battery ground post and the ground cables the test light lights up
i replace cv boots and ball joint in front axcel and i did alignment too but car start to vibrate and shake sometime its low but it start like at or above 30 mph and i feel its on the right tire do i have to do balancing again or something wrong i check everything and everything look good and tight
Can I just pull out the switch cover and change the bulb. Probably a tiny bulb, or is it more complicated than that.
This is the button (push button) on the left above the button for parking light. Orange light. This is a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1991 model.
My power steering fluid leaks out while driving and it become hard to steer the car.
My power steering fluid leaks out while driving and it become hard to steer the car.
I have replaced the fuel pump and filter and fuel pump relay and still no gas to the throttle body. the engine will run if I keep it primed.
will run by priming. replaced fuel pump relay, filter, and fuel pump. still will not start, no fuel!
I have replaced the blower motor control module but the blower motor is still running. I had to disconnect the battery so it wouldn't drain it. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this issue.
Motor runs very quiet, very smooth, 82,000 miles. Have looked and checked everything but find no leaks. Parked there is no fluid loss only after being driven. Water temp is always in normal range in town or on hiway, never goes above 230 in town and hiway is normally about 200. Radiator doesn't appear to be rusty. Keep Prestone 50/50 filled to the top always.
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