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When I use my A/C IT Leaks very very bad on passenger side,why ? ,is my a/c drain line stopped up ? If u agree can u PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE DRSIN PLUG IS ? & THE easiest WAY TO GET TO IT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UR TIME & EFFORT IN THIS MATTER !! :) TS
Nothing but problems with this Cadillac. All electrical. Side mirrors stopped returning to position after reverse. Fixed. Back door locked and would not open. Fixed. 46,000 miles on it now. Will get rid of it as soon as I can afford to. Any answer as to why navigation comes and goes and what the fix is? Dealership seems to know nothing.
on road trip happens once or twice a day shows brake assist & stability control
how to replace
how do you remove the headlight assembly to replace the parking bulb
Water is leaking into the passenger side of the car. The dealer says the line is plugged. I don't want to drive 100 miles to get it fixed. How can I find the plugged line?
there is a leak in side the car and the water gos to the back floor and it,s very wet the leak seems to being in the front seat .no ones seem,s to know please say did i dropp a bottle of water please help me
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