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I hear an annoying humming sound that gets louder as I accelerate. I also feel vibrations in the steering wheel and gas pedal .
A fuse blows that makes the car not start. A friend replaced the fuse and I drove the car about 12 miles and the fuse blew again. I replaced the fuse again and drove the car home, and that's where its sits. I'm afraid to drive it and be stuck. Please help.
my headlight won't come on with the remote. I have to constantly keep turning them off and on manually until they turn on
Seat stop working.
What can I do to unlock the car out of drive
Engine light came on three weeks ago. Code said either vacuum leak or O2 issue in Converter. No decrease in performance so I ignored.
Tranny coolant line is leaking slightly at fitting.
Several months ago I could not remove key when shutting off engine. I wld hv to turn key to On position and move shifter back and forth thru gears until car recognized tranny was in Park
Removal of rear valve cover gasket
I had an ignition interlock device on my car, they took the device off but forgot the wires from the device, two days later, something caused a shortage in my wires my rear fuse block melted, my fuel pump shorted out, and my relay melted as well. Could the wires cause this problem
my car wont start after it sits overnight
Put new plug & coil in #6. Motor runs rough, shifts rough. Car was fine before this. Also, disconnected connection to coil while motor running. Saw additional loss of power. Autozone says scan shows misfire in #5!!! How cld this procedure affect opposite cylinder!? DIC shows Service Stabilitrak and Traction Control systems. Should I put old plug and coil in cylinder #5??? Thx
while car is idle or running, there is a spinning or whinning noise. Why?
My road is bumpy and the car seems to bounce a lot, sometimes sounds squeeky
can run for miles with no issues than it starts with bell ringing notifying me that parking assistance is off, ABS messages, stabilitrak not working, traction control on engine light on, transmission shifts poorly than it goes off return to normal for days than starts all over. OnStar reports a control modular is bad. Dealer had car but after 170.00 said It would need to get worst. dealer said their were many error codes OnStar said they would give codes to anyone doing work on car I believe one was 1u
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