2004 Cadillac DeVille DTS Questions

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The regulator cable broke inside the door panel so window will not work. I hear the motor running. I have a new regulator and need to know how to take door panel off. What tools are needed?
My husband's man cave, uh I mean used car (2004 Cadillac DeVille), which he has had for two years, has been refusing to start on an intermittent basis. It might start in the morning and then we’ll go somewhere later in the day and it won’t start.
His battery is about a year old and he’s had it to three car repair places. One was a dealership and the other two were respected car repair establishments. So far, they’ve replaced the alternator and tried to analyze the problem on their computer equipment. He also replaced a part that was effecting how the driver’s window worked.
Since his retirement he doesn’t drive as much, so he often sits and reads in his car so he can smoke his cigars. Once this problem started he has made sure to run the car each day and to shut off everything before he leaves. He turns off radio, heat/cool, etc., so that none of these taxes the electrical system when he goes to start it. We researched the problem on the ‘net and even have tried starting it in neutral.
We purchased a Stanley 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter, which worked well the first time we used it, so we could avoid called AAA or friends. Now, it doesn’t start the car.
Please help us find out what’s drawing his electricity and causing the car not to start. Because of his height, my husband has a hard time finding a used car and he had hoped that this would be his last car.
Who can diagnose?
If so, why and how without taking to a dealership. Too expensive.
I also need to know how to test the heat and A/C Resistor(25709317).I tested the blower motor and it runs fine?
2004 Cadillac deville dts. The a/c only blows out cold air on passenger side. Replaced the blend door actuator under the steering but still does not work...There is another actuator somewhere. How do you remove the front dash? And is there something else I should check?
It recently started doing this. Wed check engine light soon came on, went off. This morning pulling into work it cut off completely. Help
My car sometimes stays in the get out or # 2 position for awhile them changes to # 1 while driving. Changed circuit breakers worked for a bit then back to same problem.
cadillac dts 2004
cadillac dts 2004
Smoke & burned rubber smell occured once but AC worked great the next day without the smoke or burnt smell, & car won't start now. Battery says 11.1 battery ok, just makes a click, click,click sound. Please help
i ran out of gas put gas in it dont hear fuel pump coming on
on clear dry roadway, causing hard pull to the left. Also, when braking at highway speeds, get strong vibration in steering wheel, although rotors have been replaced and turned more than once, which only remedies problem for 2 to 4 weeks before problem begins again. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. - Keith
When I try it again in a min or two it will click and then start after continues to start with out any problems.
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