2003 Cadillac DeVille DTS Questions

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My vehicle has this ticking sound whenever I start it, but it only lasts 30 seconds to a minute, TOPS. I have my a/c set to blow in the face and it will work at times, but most times it doesn't. It basically works only at the feet and the rear/front vents. Which the backseat face setting works EVERY TIME when it is set to do so. I am completely lost when it comes to vehicles, so any advice given would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank You!
Need to know the type of power steering to use
in think its the actuator how do i change it
twice in the last year
The hard buttons on my navigation system work...."soft buttons" ...i.e...the touch screen does not work.
right now its running about 2.5 /3.0..
All the relays are good and none of the fuses are blown but yet I can start the car with a toggle switch that I installed at the relay
a grounding problem, how do I detect the faulty ground?
But as it warms up it slowly gets quiet n you can barely here it unroll you give it gas and Idk what the problem could be an I'd like to know the main cause because I don't wanna sink a lot of money into it...thanks.
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