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First I had a battery problem I left the light on and the battery was dead recharge the battery and drove approximately 825 miles and it wouldn't start again so got a jump took it home and had the battery shop put in a different battery however it was the wrong battery for the car the next thing I know is it tells me it's overheating but it wasn't hot so I took it to the shop and they said it was a blown head gasket but they're just do peer to be anything wrong with it now the only thing that's going on is the check coolant light keeps coming on in the check tire pressure light
Changed thermostat and coolant reservoir still running hot
Cadillac Deville, 2005: Heating system goes dead within a minute of the engine being started. On shutting off engine and restarting the heating system comes back on but stay on only for a minute.
When heating goes off all the system (defrost, ac, etc) is out
No noise or leaks observed from the car
Loud knocking it says stop engine low oil pressure
We did 2 oil changes its off set on the speed
Had blower replace, several months ago,jumped car can hear blower on with control switched off,still will not crank,issue was driving and it cut off,never been able to crank.Replaced battery,no response,replaced switch and key no response, reprogrammed no response,replaced all fuses and relays, nothing.
So i replaced the reservoir and the light keeps coming on antifreeze level is still full dont no what to do?
all at once started shifting very rough
If I turn on the windshield wipers say for washing the windshield , I get a pungent odor from the air conditioner vents. Is water getting into the cabin filter? No signs of mold or water damage to the filter there.
I think the air ride went out of it ? I need a cheep way to fix it please
Vents blow air just warm. Turns off and on fine. What do I need to replace and how? Blows on both sides and rear.
And dadhboatd vents no air flow but vents in back seat work. Help
Its not bose so how can i properly do that
Added 134 and it full /and next problem what
Is the problems with tire monitor and door regulators 3 Windows just fell down watch videos and fixed but Windows will not work
Is the black box the problem.thank for you input
Do not see how it comes off. Has star bit bottom and some strange thing on the other side
It has the 100k fluid.
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