2004 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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Car won't start
the air was blowing cold on one side and hot on the other but now its not blowing from vents but I can hear the blower motor blowing

What seems to make the problem better or worse? not applicable
How long have you had this problem? Not sure
codes detected. Informed that mass air flow is blocked. Lines checked and said to be clear but air cabin filter and engine filter were old and extremely dirty. They were both replaced. Code was reset but light came back on. Leaks now noted from engine plate between block and oil pan....would this cause check engine light to remain on
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not sure
How long have you had this problem? several weeks
It occurs after few days later that i put the coolant and transmission fluid in. Po455 large coolant system leak. Po442 small coolant system Leak.
i need to replace my front and rear bumpers on my cadillac deville 2004
AC unit has a noisey blower motor when it is working. If the power switch is turned on and AC doesnt start. Sometimes by tapping on the dash it starts working fine. Basically it works when it want to work.
Car isn't driven much
Why won't the car stay running. ?
Key stuck in ignition
the panel is on the passenger side of trunk slightly
rear shock compressor making loud noise while running and then shuts off. had an estimate of 900.00 to repair. reasonable??
Acts like a fuel problem by rough running especially up hills. Speed odometer jumps around when it does this has even died twice while going down the road at slow speeds but started right back up. Also rough shifting when this happens.
Sometime it runs great but most of the time seems to be a little rough with more noise than normal. Not a miss just less performance and not smooth or quiet like before ECM went out. Is the 2001 ECM I used the problem? Could it be one or more bad coils? Limited income so I have to fix it myself.
Abs and traction light on cost to repair. Just had hub bearings replaced aND front roots and brakes.
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