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hi so my cars ac is working so so i dint know what is wrong with it it blowes to feet and defrost front window but it is not blowing air when you put it to hit your face. whats wrong ?
It's a Cadillac Deville 200q
When I attempted to start car. It does not crank at all. Seems there is no power to engine. Then I noticed security light blinking at me
I took the protectant shield off of the front underneath of my car..2001 Cadillac Deville..and someone had taped it together. It’s a plastic , white, cylinder with a hose connected to it I think.
My rear defrost quit. My back up lights stopped working. My trunk and fuel release buttons stopped working but will work manually. My interior lights quit working. My automatic door locks quit working but will work manually. All stopped at the same time. All fuses have been checked and none are blown. What could it be?
Started 3 wks ago.starts up put in drive hear a clunk sound then dies.put new sensor and battery.could it be the torque censor senoid?
I have a 01 Deville that when I hit about 40 mph or go down a bumpy road the speedometer goes crazy and car dose not want to shift it poped up on the dash service electrical system. Then about 2 weeks ago it got real bad poped up service Trang and it was shifting hard. I think it’s the pcm ground but I’m not sure and I don’t know how to find it if it is
Just had new Brakes and rotors put on front of car week ago they were pulsating upon slowing down. Took to another mechanic and the tech said no issues I looked at him in dibeleif had same issue with rear brakes put new pads and rotors and they were okay so what do I do
Why does the light on the dash only come on at dark or when it's dark enough that my headlights auto turn on?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? great in daylight, Bad in dark cloudy sky or night.
How long have you had this problem? A month (ish)
I need to know to replace it or the price of the switch to be replaced
and they said it did not loose pressure and the compressor was working. They did not want to try to fix it because they were afraid they were going to have to take out the dash about 3days work
IVe don't two fuel treatments to it last week and it started without foot being on the gas and was drivable for a day or two. Then went right back to doing the same thing .
How to remove the heater core the easiest way from a Cadillac Deville 2001

Replaced water pump radiator and thermostat and the car still wants to run hot
already got new key,ignition turns over won't engage,dash lights like crazy possible ignition switch or antitheft system?
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