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It's a very tight space; I know it comes out thru the passenger side wheel well. I know it helps to remove oil filter, but what about the oil filter housing held on by two 10mm bolts? That one 13mm bolt on the back of the compressor is tough to get to.
When you turn on to start it it wil turn over continually sound simalur to when it is out of gas but after a few minutes it will turn on . It does it every time you shut it off and go to start it again. It is every time you turn it on. Also my center cluster is black , not working, no speedometer
I thought maybe an electrical issue
and still does not work. What is causing this? Please help.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? 2 Months
Code P0440. Purge valve good, gas cap good, canister good, hoses look good as far as I can see, fuel line into tank looks good.
I change the left hub assembly and wiring harness. when ABS light is on the traction control don't engage.
in my 1999 cadillac deville the power windows stopped working. checked all fuses in trunk and under hood , all were good. what else could it be ? never did this before
the heater core in my 1999 deville has went bad," can it be fixed through the glove box ? one help site (the cadillac forum) said yes. i talked to two mechanics, they said the whole dash has to come out ?? i do know there is a special tool needed to remove the clamps.
the mechanic told me that the head gaskets were leaking also. i am told this is common problems with this engine ?? the engine is the north star 5.7 liter. this car is in really good shape but, (money)
please respond

thankyou mike
Car runs good once it's start, check engine light on, poor gas miles, traction control light on, ABS light on
Already replaced the radiator
The middle vent r not throwing cool air n the air coming out the defrost n bottom is not that coolwhat steps should i take.
Anti-theft light servicing coming on
it was the first pupup on the page
99 Cadillac deville fuel gauge reads incorrectly how do i fix this problem?
i have two cadillacs one sls one deville WILL ME SLS MOTOR FIT IN MY DIVILLE
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