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The key was was bent slightly and when i turn the ignition on dash board turn on but wont start have to give a couple of tries to start and now it says it may not restart
I added one can of 134A and it still showed low refrigerant AC of
Driving down the road it feels like I'm running about five or six cylinders
Over heating issues
I noticed when I put my 1998 Deville 4.6L engine in reverse, it starts spitting transmission out of a hose near the trans fluid resivor. It's coming out of something that looks like a check valve pushed into a hose and sounds like an overheated radiator... What is that hose called and can it be fixed or replaced?

Thank you for your help!
checked fuses and even replaced relay , I think I got the right one . anything I should
check , or did Ireplace the wrong relay ? also my speedo cluster is out , but it's been
out for 2 years and I just use my gps for speedo . the locks and stuff just took a dump
recently .
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing
How long have you had this problem? couple of days
Need replace thermostat
What is wrong when the service power steering light comes on?
This message stays on constantly while driving and temporarily goes off at increased acceleration and will come back on when letting off the acceleration. For the most part, it stays on. I read of a recall in 2001(NHTSA campaign # 00V217000 & Action #: EA00004). Could this be the real issue?
I bought car today and windows radio trunk and gas door stop working
Around how many miles does in need to have to start experiencing proplems. What are the major an more common things?
I have a cadillac deville d'elegance 98, i have put a new computer system in it, 2 alternators and 2 new batterys but my battery still wont hold a charge and its sayin charging system error still.someone please help me ive had it for a year and only drove it for a month
Could a person who bought 4 22" rims and put them on a 98 Cadillac Deville without messing up the air ride.
Bought a new battery,and alternator and now the system anti theft light comes on but not sure if that is even the makes a clicking sound when I turn the key but does not start
This is a limo version
The interior lights won't turn off and the dash board light are out ( speedo and all others ) . It looks like it has small oil leak ( not sure from where )
Pleeeeeease help
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