1997 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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where is the thermostate at on the front of the motor and what host is it
It hums when moving the car has 103000 miles. The sound winds down when you stop.
This has been occurring recently. Also when the cool air is coming out of the vents sometimes one vent blows cold air and the other hot air. I did check the temperature controls on the door arm rest.
it will clear when i hit reset but will return when i start the car again
Had a rear end accident but it appears to be minimal damage. Now there is fluid leaking on both sides of the rear end. Doesn't smell or look like oil, , transmission fluid or gas. I checked oil and trans and brake fluid all good. But low on power steering fluid.
No leaks under car when parked. Do fill with antifreeze.
I noticed a leak from front of car and a trail of drips, I looked and what appears to be water. If I am running air conditioner, does that cause it to drip from what appears to be water? I have never had a vehicle do that and according to what my boyfriend says, is a normal thing?
I'm getting message Service Air Bag with Computer code B1147. This indicates problem with Drivers side air bag system. How can this be fixed?
does fuel rail connect to gas tank. are there fuel lines from rail to gas tank how many labor hours
Just want to get window back up, went and stayed down this mornin but up doesn't work
Mechanic has replaced throttle position sensor & idle speed throttle actuator. He has no more fix's! Can someone help?? Some recoveries make car jump to 1500 rpm causing wife to not wanting to drive this car.
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