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it said in the original post that may not need to replace motor? just wondering the answer?
I started my car earlier today and drove it to do some errands for about 15 minutes and when I got back in the car to start it the message starting is disabled due to thaft system, remove ignition key was being diplayed and the car does not start now. This just started today.
My windows gas door and trunk won't open what should I do Cadillac sedan DeVille 96 please help
How do I get to the alternator
The fluid level is correct and doesn't smell burnt or have metal shavings in it that I can tell
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Doesn't matter warm or cold
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
thanks for this, good work
i have cadillac concerc1996 and ihave problem no power come in coil cables
should i change the coils or some thing else
but the problem is not only this .also ihave problem in the digital board that dose not shwo .rpm .battary power tempretcher i did some tryes to reset the code but the problem is still . all that happend after i had an accedient
the most diffuculte thing that iam from saudi arabia and in my city there is no workshop accepte this car becuse its not popular her
and whats make me adheres in this car its only drove 82000 distance kilometers
sorry for lengthen speech and bad
spilling now the dosenot start sinc 1year
the a/c quit working very suddenly.the compressor does not engage and cooling fans don't come on.we know the system is fully charged and the compressor is good. we feel it is electrical but can't find the problem.i hooked up my handheld diagnostic machine but no codes or faults
Got into car to start and the message came on " Remove Key" and "starting disabled." no other messages,
the car cuts off at red lights. what should I do?
So my battery died one day and i got a jump. When i did that my alarm started going off. I can start the car still but the horn sounds and all the start flashing. Can anyone tell me how to disarm it?
Any ideas wiring or more
I replaced my radio in my car and now the windows don't go up or down, the gas cover or the trunk won't open with the switch. I replaced the fuse in the front for windows and still nothing. I checked all the fuses and everything looks good. Am i over looking something
Power windows won't go down, gas cover won't open and trunk won't open
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