1995 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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Do I have to remove the motor to replace oil pan what do I have to do to fix this problem
I bought the car 50 days ago and it runs fine just the avg mpg goes up and down and it's dropping I was wondering what that means and what I can do to fix
I'm planning a engine swap and I was needing to gather all the right parts for the job.
Is it under hood are inside under the dash?
leaking powersteering fluid under the driver dash bored inside the car
when you come to a stop it idles up by itself
My transmission runsruns an pull great goes in reverse great but when I slow down it slips.
Have had my car 2weeks changed oil tranmisson fluid new break fluid stalled would not restart changed fuelpump and fuel filter still will not start getting gas tryed starter fluid will not start what am I missing engine light was on before stalled but not now
Car had been running fine on the highway it just stopped running pulled over put in neutral and it started right up. Next day same thing happened. once on the way to town. and stopped on the way back..My macanic installed a new distributor said it would eliminate 90% of probable cause. Got car back put fresh premium gas in and it started a little hard Drove it to town and half way there it stopped again. On the way hane it stoped again , This time I had to try and stare it 3 times drove it back to my macanic yesterday they still have the car has not messed up for them, they drove the car with some meter to check fuel or what ever they do.I called a little bit a go they have the car running and every thing looks good still have no idea of whats wrong told them to keep the car and drive for a day or so. I has only stopped while driving.. I recently had the transmission flushed and serviced 50000. replaced two leaking oil lines. had the water pump replaced oil change. I love this car and take very good care of it what do think might be the problem, Iam 65 and can not afford to have it brake down .please help, thanks I live in northern Indiana Mikel
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