1994 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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Trans compatibility

First it started having trouble shifting now something is wrong with the transmission . I was wondering if a plugged filter could result in the problematic of the shifting ? Or should I just have it taken in ?

How do I resolve these problem codes P039 Converter clutch engagement problem P052 PCM memory reset I039 Loss of Road Sensing suspension data I052 Keep alive memory error, Or can I just reset

passenger seat back will not stay in the upright pos.

I Done put a module,pick up core, spark plus and wires my fans won't come on unless I take my censor out

Coming down a steep mountain I put the car in 3rd. When I put it back in drive I got this message. Can you tell me if this is dangerous or costly?

Sometimes 2-3 miles out. What could be the problem?

Dropped engine and trans, replaced trans (3rd time, 1st 2 times no problems w/ engine) starts runs 15 minutes than stops or will start run 2/3 seconds coughs through throttle body than stops ... fuel pressure 40 lbs, mech timing dead on at 10 degree BTDC, distributor cap and rotor new (less than 2K miles) ?

Curtice Wink
301-874-3299 (home office)

When I start it I have to have the gas pedal floored and then as soon as u let up on the gas it dies.

Climate control display comes and goes at will. System delivers air through defrosters and on floor. Can I fix this?

We replaced the ignition switch and have keys for it. .. the new switch doesn't require the children or resistor in the key. The car is say starting disabled and the anti theft system keeps reading. How can we bypass the anti theft issue n turn the starting disabled back on?