1994 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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It keep coming up on my dash and coming off
I have a 1994 Sedan de Ville, and after driving a bit, Ride Service Control light comes on. What needs to be fixed on car and how much will it cost. This is a second car and it only has 90,000 miles on it.

It seems to be leaking on the adapter between the pump and the reservoir.
Where would a person find a replacement adapter?
Driverside seat broken and keeps moving and touching the backseat, do you know how I can fix it?
fuse is good, but turn signal doesn't work for either direction. All stopped at the same time.
Just happen 2 weeks ago and still doesn't work
Outside temp goes blank and then the inside temp goes blank with default to defroster with nothing working. After 5-7 minutes of being on whether engine running or not everything starts working fine. Is there a relay/sensor involved in this process? If so, where is it as it must be hanging up? I changed out the outside ambient air sensor but I still have this problem.

10/12 No response yet. Doesn't anyone have a clue as to what is the problem? I am 77 living on SS so would appreciate some knowledge/help from someone.
After it's tells me to remove key it says wait 3 minutes then it tells me to start car when I try it goes through the whole process again
A/C blower is not blowing at all on heat or ac

Turn signal when I turn them on sometimes they flash and sometimes the don't. I've already change the round flasher unit under the dashboard. Is there something else?
Trans compatibility
First it started having trouble shifting now something is wrong with the transmission . I was wondering if a plugged filter could result in the problematic of the shifting ? Or should I just have it taken in ?
How do I resolve these problem codes P039 Converter clutch engagement problem P052 PCM memory reset I039 Loss of Road Sensing suspension data I052 Keep alive memory error, Or can I just reset
passenger seat back will not stay in the upright pos.
I Done put a module,pick up core, spark plus and wires my fans won't come on unless I take my censor out
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