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1993 Cadillac DeVille fuel data system goes on and off
I was driving and hit a pot hole which caused radio to lose power, I can still listen to my preset stations but can’t use any of the buttons on the actual stereo.
I keep hearing a clicking sound behind the glove box when I shut the car off and the battery keeps going dead
Vehicle has new battery but wouldn't start this morning as if not getting fuel or coil wire not connected.
Did feel a cutting out sensation for a few seconds two miles before parking for the night. Wouldn't start in the morning.
I need to locate the diagnostic connector for the antilock brake system on a 1993 Cadillac Deville. Light is on after a rear brake line failed and after is has been replaced. Brake fluid level is ok now and brakes were blead. I would like to enter the diagnostic code for the system however cannot find the connector. And need to know how to access the codes. If I am able to get the codes I would like a definition of what the codes mean. There are no noises or leaks after repairing the brake line.
Jerry Thompson
never know when this is going to happen, sometimes it starts other times it won't do anything. does the same when displaying ac options, sometimes it won't work and then it will.. Have checked out battery, starter and ground on engine . all ok
The climate control and fuel data center went out. I've searched for a cause, but came up with nothing. What could be the cause for this issue?
everything was fine, then i parked, came back later got in the car and when i drove off i (10 - 25 mph) i hear a grinding noise so i checked and didn't see anything visibly wrong.
I don't know if it has a cracked block or head or blown head gasket , can anyone tell what is best product for a quick fix without tearing engine apart ? Car run perfect for first 15 minutes of driving but runs terrible after warming up.
Compressor is leaking. Has been updated to newer freon.think mechanic is pulling a swift one
I try to use my wipers I turn them on they only move a little bit but I hear the motor
Replaced the lock cylinder and switch... Wiring under the hood is a mess...
I have a few problems but is running fine. I know it has to be the wiring somewhere because it ain't the flasher. Anyone know how to find a shortage? And idk about the other one. I had a mechanic change the dis. Cap n wires. Then it stays on a few seconds after i turn it off after a week or too.
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