1992 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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Just need location. Thanks
Overheats once coolant runs out, can't really see where the problems coming from when I lift the car; but the leak for sure is coming from underneath the fuel injectors? I just bought the car and I'm not sure if it will pass smog because of it?... Anybody have any idea what it might be?
Stalls and stutter when warm have an E30 code do I need to clean the throttle with throttle cleaner
shift tranny back into park blows fuses for turn signals
I need to find out what types of sensors I need for this 1992 Cadillac Deville. My engine light is on mechanic says I need 3 sensors for it

Where is the relay? What else should I check?
Running lights will not turn off and draining the battery. Two shops later still does not know what is wrong. Brand new alternator, water pump, and replaced the light switch. Please help
1992 4.9 cadillac engine have to replace head gasket do i need to drill and tap alum engine block
I am thinking of buying a 92 Cadillac Deville and the previous owner stated it needs a large and small body module as well as the full muffler system. what would these repairs cost?
Battery does not keep a charge
If I let it sit for a while it will start and I can drive agan but it cut of after a mile or two and does the same thing by cutting and when I re-start it seem to have trouble getting fuel to remain running.
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