1991 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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when i put on the defroster the air comes out of the ac vents instead .Is it the climate control panel ?
my catalytic converter needs to be replaced where can purchase one ?. can i do it myself
the power windows go up real slow the other day the drivers side went down i had to help it up .does it need a new motor or grease both sides are slow
what do i need to do to replace sparks in rear.I relize its hard but any special tools or advise.thku
when i switch on the defroster heat come out of the ac vents instead.the rear heating works ok but icant get air to come out to front windshield
how do i get to the rear sparks on a 4.9 engine the easyist way
what is the basic gas mileage on a 4.9 liter engine
how hard is it to change fuel filter an spark plugs the plugs in the rear look tough
What's the aveage price for a tune up on this make and model? And is it easy to change a fuel filter on this model as well?
I just need to know which cylinder is the #1 in a 4.9 litre engine in a 1991 DeVille

Thanks, BRAD
one day the anti lock brake light went on for no reason and has been on ever since, what might be the cause of this, or is there a problem somewhere?
i have replaced the power steering pump but it is still leaking how do i find the leak
Where is the evaporator?
How do I do a Tune up? When I have to lean the engine.
When I drive my car it runs ok until I use my turn signals or anything else electrical, then it seens to lose power and sometimes it will backfire.
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