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Why does my 91 deville with a 4.9 liter idle ruff feels like it is going to die I replaced isc motor and measured where the screw sits on the throttle arm. But it still doesnt idle smooth. Is this something that will work its self out or do I need to do something else
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my power steering went out but works when its moving
A freind ask me to put his rear drum brakes back together. Someone else took them apart.
i flushed the radiator and also added freon to theac system
I have a 91 cadillac sedan deville with just 60,000 miles on it....recently had the battery changed, engine tune up and oil change done by a backyard mechanic...Car started misfiring, stalling and losing power...even my gas mileage fell drastically from 13 MPG to 4.5MPG....Utterly devastated I took it to the dealership to have the problems checked. First the technician stated that he had to do a compression test to find the problem which would cost me $350...after the compression test he stated that 4 cylinders were not firing and I needed replacement. Utterly devasted I asked him if he checked my spark plugs or for that matter the fuel injectors? At this he stated he will get back to me. The next day he called me and stated that there were 2 different set of spark plugs were used and some had oil foul etc etc...On further insisting him to diagonize the problem instead of offhandedly asking me to replace th engine...he stated that he would change the spark plugs and see if the cylinders fire....Today he called me and stated that the engine runs better than before but the spark plugs need to be changed, some cables connected to the spark plugs need replacement and some of the fuel injectors have leaks which need replacement. Then finally he stated that the catalytic convertor needs to be replaced as well since something fuzed and damaged the catalytic convertor. My predicament is the technician did not come up with any solution after the compression test and wants to charge me $350....and with all that he stated that the total will come to $1700.....Now should I proceed with the repairs since he was not honest in the first place. If not will be okay for me to find a wayside garage to get the job done? Someone please help me
I replaced it with a new battery, did an engine tune up and oil change and the problems started....before this my car was running perfectly.
I took it to the dealership and I was informed that my engine failed the compression test. They also found out that the previous mechanic who did my engine tune up used different brands of spark plugs and they did not look like new. Now they want me to just kiss my car good bye. I am devasted...Please help with any advice.
Smell gas but can't see any leak, nechanic told me needed to replace fuel injectors, but I think new o rings would do the trick. What is the vacuum hose possibility?
I just did a tuneup plugs,wires.coil,cap,rotor,control moduel, even changed out dist. It runs ok on the freeway but misses when i'm taking off. It doesn't seem to run as good as it did before tuneup gas mileage is 21 on hwy that to seems more. Idles good when cold but so as warm taking off at lights it misses until I get over 40
I already remove all screws and bolts from the cover even the ones under the dash inside and under the car i peeled back the rubber layer plus half of the thin sheet metal cover..I see the evporator core it wiggels back and forth but it wont come out is there a possibility theres another scre underneath or is it wedge into some kind of groove? i havent completly taken off the whole rubber/metal cover it still seems there might be some kind of hidden scre i can't see or acces from under the car..any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
where is the fule filter located
my dashboard doesnt light up and the gas meter and the ac/heater dont work. plus when i turn my steering wheel is very ard to turn wen i press on the breaks but when im pressing on the gas its easy to turn. my power steering fluid is full too. what should i do and whats my probelem?
I have to replace my power steering rack how difficult is that
I was told I need to replace power steering rack which is leaking .How difficult a job and what is the average cost
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