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A while back about a year or so ago i took the glove box light out because my glove box latch was broke and sometimes it woukd come open. By the time i was ready to drive it the battery would be dead. So i just took the light bulb out. I have since had the glove box latch replaced and repaired and now i can not remember where the bulb goes. When i look in the hole i do not see where it belongs. Duh. Do i ever feel the blonde comming in platinum
Most of the time when the cars on the dash lights will start to flicker on and off and due to the the heater and ac will flicker on and off I would like to find out why and fix it cause it's not to fun driving when it's -2 out and the ac kicks on. Would you please help me find what's wrong with my car.
Thank you
A picture of the wires would help
The fuel data center and air conditioning went out at the same time. I was told by Cadillac mechanic that I need to replace the Fuel Management Display #1228851 and climate control display #19151967. I Cannot find these part numbers and neither could the dealership mechanic. Any suggestions?
Do I need to take just the glove box out or the entire dash? Is it time to get a manual or can I find sufficient How-tos online?
Sometimes i start car, starts ok next time totally dead dont even turn over is the air compressor compresset draining battery? Can this b removed or unhooked
When I turn car off u can still hear the air ride compressor still running then brand new battery dead???
Heater does not blow warm air
my 91 deville will stall out like it looses power after i drive it for a while sometimes it will crank right back up and sometimes i have to wait about ten minutes , but it is continuing to stall, seems like only when it is hot. all the fluids r fine and temp is good . why does it die can it be the fuel pump, map sensor, ive heard all of theese can be but how can i find out for sure what the problem is??
where is crankshaft position sensor in a 1991 cadillac deville
1991 cadillac deville
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