1991 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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When I turn on my blows cold one side hot other side.
Is it an electrical thing?..Also, if I had a tracker put on my car what would happen or were can I locate if someone put a tracker in me ie: boyfriend by chance
The car runs fine until Rea hing operating temp. Then loses power and won't accelerate except for an occasional rpm increase when gently applying throttle. Then it acts like a dead battery and won't turn over. Every once in a while, it will turn over and start again.
I took my car in to have motor mounts put in the mechanic jacked one side of the car up and then Jack the motor up he then put it down and Jack the car up too far and when the motor mount was remove the engine Came Crashing Down on to the frame now my radiator is cracked could that have caused the crack radiator
Car keeps loosing power after cooling off it starts again only to repeat itself It does this when I am driving on the freeway
Engine light came on and this is the code that the auto parts store came up with.
I can't find it.
I can't find my fuel filter on my 91 deville
The light is on in the dash at the present time..
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