1990 Cadillac DeVille Questions

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Last summer my mechanic discovered that the A/C hose was leaking so he took it off the car to have it rebuilt, then he decided that we could purchase a new one for the same amount. Well there are two A/C hoses available for that car. They call them 1st design and 2nd design. Neither of them fit the car. Then he left town leaving me to deal with the hot car. I have since found the correct hose after speaking to someone in the parts dept. at the local Cadillac dealership. He gave me the part number then told me it had been discontinued. Fortunately I found one at Rock Auto, and it was the last one they had. My present mechanic said its the right hose but it wont hook up to my compressor and says I need a different compressor. Please can someone tell me if I'm getting the runaround. I've just about had it with this issue.

If the car idling about 15 mins , it will leak a little, when the car is turned off it leaks out more!
Backfiring smell strong gas muffler blowing out muffler
It's two months now since the engine bay was washed on my 90' Cad. and it still idles and surges to much to drive safely. Why isn't there a mechanic that can figure out what electrical component got wet. Ten mechanics and none of them know anything !
car is getting fuel, spark, air,etc. what could have gotten wet to do this.? Seven different mechanics said they don't know what it is wrong with it.
It's a 1986 Cadillac deville, the fuel indicator was blinking and Empty sign . I replaced a fuse now it's constantly reading the fuel is Full.
car has spark, and fuel pressure, it,s been 4 weeks since it was cleaned and still wont run right. no codes come up !
I found the guide pieces etc. I have searched the net but can't find them anywhere? Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you
Where can they be purchased for the right and left side??
Old system contained freon and will not pass inspection. Is fully functional now. Approx charge ? - assuming no other problems. Car is pristine. If not, do you know any other Cadillac repair shops in this area that specialize in old Cadillacs?
More specific how many hours will a shop take and Charge for?
Next day, other electrical issues popped up. Digital odometer and other in dash displays stopped working.
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