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This started earlier this spring. I was standing out side my car and could hear the compressor engaging repeatedly. Got in my car and it was blowing warm air until I started driving. My wife drove it without anymore issues for a month. Then it was back to only cooling while driving. Took it to a shop and it passes a leak test but it was a little low on freon, .89lbs to be exact. Afrer charging the system to 1.4lbs the A/C worked great while setting there and on my drive home. The next day l started the car and all I got was warm air. Still only blowing cold air again while driving. I'm going to take it back to the shop and have the same test done and put the freon level put back to 1.21lbs. We over filled it. Could that be it? What do you think?

no lights on mirror come on, not even on star light, fuse is good, is mirror the problem?

I have a 2012 Cad STS & the OBD II light is on while I'm driving. What does that mean?

I've have the gasket around the sunroof replaced, reseated, reseated once again and the glass panels moved around a bit, all in an effort to reduce the bloody noise in my 2012 CTS! I've been told by several people that this isn't normal. On the flip side, GM Rep's are now telling me that yes - this is normal! It's like driving down the highway in a glass bubble. Any ideas?

Weather temp does get below 50 degrees. The vehicle has less than 1700 miles on it. Neither driver nor passenger seats work. Yes I know that the lights don't come on and I don't care about that. Nothing worse than getting into a warm car and sitting on a frozen leather seat! Dealer doesn't seem to think there's a problem???