2009 Cadillac CTS Questions

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Armrest coming out of door.

How much is a repair?

Bought car June 2016 with 17,000! No problems until April 21,2017...every time I go to the left on a ramp or highway my back end fishtails. I have taken to Cadillac dealer and they can't find any problem. Alignment, suspension, shocks and struts are good. Has anyone had an issue like this? It's very frustrating, I'm at the dealer every week. I was stopped by the Police last night, thinking I was drunk. This problem needs to get fixed, any suggestion's?

My radio come on but I hear nothing my blinkers work but I hear nothing same go for my seat belt

All of my other lights (Night lights, signal lights, etc.) work properly my day time running lights just don't. The seal around my light cover had a leak and water gets into that cover. I replaced the bulb and its still not working. The dealership is charging me $1,000 to replace the entire light hardware piece. Could this be a wire problem or the entire hardware piece?

I thought mabye gas gage was wrong. Was told my transmission was locked on sport. Is there a way to unlock it

Clicking gets faster as RPMs go up. Have 2009 Cadillac CTS AWD. Oil was just changed 2 weeks ago. Started clicking about a week ago, doesn't stop. It is under the hood.

Car heated up & engine light came on & message engine power reduced

I am being charged for water getting into my right headlights. Am I responsible for a man factors mistake? If I buy this part can I get it installed? Being a senior citizen I can't afford this.

Happened after I fueled up.felt rough

left and right side engine mounts 2009 cadillac cts

my temp and odometer r reading wrong