2008 Cadillac CTS Questions

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How do I fix this? What is the issue? Not burning any oil in the car is running fine


my car starts normally exept after filling up but hard to start after filling up.

Dash board lights just started coming and then come back on strong. This has been going on for about 2 - 3 weeks. Is it the alternator?

Any time the car has sat for a couple of hours, I start it and have to keep my foot on the break or it lunges back fast. Dealer can't find anything wrong

we already pulled the green cord but nothing it just wont open

I have a 2008 cadilac ctc model and when I try starting it up it won't start but what does the light of a car and lock on the dash lights mean and can I override it?

My car started making a metal on metal sounding banging, slapping noise. Happens at low speeds in drive or reverse, and happens when I am accelerating up to about 10/15mph, and starts to happen again when I'm coming to a stop and under 10/15mph. We replaced the carrier bearing and right drivers CV axle. When driving it, the steering wheel will shake a little, it makes the loud clunking banging noise, and seems to make the clunk as the driveshaft does its cycle. We are thinking its the driveshaft but trying to see if its something that's not so expensive. We checked the bolts as we replaced the carrier bearing. Not sure what it could be. I don't even want to drive it anywhere because the noise gets extremely loud. Especially when I'm coming from diving and slowing down and will shake the car.

Mine and my sons both leek exsisively from the rear part of the moon roof we have to put two buckets and remove back seat to get all the water out dose anyone else have this problem with the same car

It seems to be coming from the front

I'm getting heat on passenger side..but no heat from driver side vents

My Bose car system stops... the Radio lights up but no sound.
The following conditions occurs du
ring this cycle.
(1) No audio from the radio.
(2) Door ajar chime inoperative.
(3)Turn signal click clack sound inoperative.

The audio returns after the vehicle is turned off for several minutes (10 minutes or more).

If I turn the car off and wait for @4 t0 5 minutes, and restart the engine every thing is fine. this will happen about twice a week I get a little static and the radio stops. When the radio stop the OnStar will not work nor will the door chimes. I have had this car for 18months this problem is only just began for about a month. Its a Bose system. Everything work great after I restart the car engine,

Does that sound correct? I did not have ANY problems at all prior to the first "no start." The battery is good, as the bells and whistles were all operating. I just was getting no turn over on ignition...nothing. I put oil in thinking it was needed and it started. Next am, exact same problem. Had it towed, no oil leaking on drive way (oil WAS NOT the problem!). Now, I'm being told it maybe the starter...know for sure in the am. If it sounds right, how long does it take to actually do this job? I already feel like I'm being preped for a "killing".