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yesturday i noticed my car was making a squeling noise this morning i started it up and it is making the noise again it sounds like it is coming from the right side but i am not sure. it stops a few minutes into it running. My husband seems to think that it is the water pump?
I turned it off went to work when I came out it would not start
water drops have formed on the lens. ca i repair this?
Clicks a couple of times then starts has new battery
07 cts will not start after replacing timing chain, the engine pop's then keeps cranking until I turn off the key.
Car wasvran with no oil and now it knocks
The car runs great, but after 30 min of driving I got this message "Trans Hot Idle engine". and it started to shift weird.
The Trans fluid life is decreasing faster than normal
V6 3.6. Using 5-30 Mobil One. 51000 miles. I am having to add more and more oil between oil changes. No leaks and no obvious oil burn out the tail pipe. Is the engine running too hot? My temp gauge appears normal. Starts fine. No performance problems. Am I silly to think it has to do with the smog system? Dealer has no definitive solution.
What else do I have to do so I don't get code po430
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