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On September 9, 2014, Cadillac recalled 10,005 Cadillac CTS. General motors llc (gm) is recalling certain model year 2004-2007 cadillac cts-v vehicles manufactured october 6, 2003, to march 15, 2007, and 2006-2007 cadillac sts-v vehicles manufactured june 23, 2005, to march 15, 2007. in the affected vehicles, the electrical terminals of the fuel pump module may overheat resulting in the melting of the flange material.
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2005 Cadillac CTS Recall Details

RepairPal Expert Overview on September 9, 2014

The engine may stall and fuel may leak due to overheating and melting of the fuel pump module. This causes a safety and fire hazard.

General Motors notified owners of affected vehicles starting in October 2014. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them. The General Motors recall number is 14405.

2 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on July 2, 2014

The ignition key may move out of the run position unexpectedly causing the engine to turn off.

As of this writing, General Motors has not yet set a notification schedule for this recall. If you don't receive notification in a timely manner and believe you should have, please contact your GM dealer for further instruction. They may ask for your vehicle identification number (VIN), so please have it handy when you call. The GM recall number is 14172.

2 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on December 17, 2010
General motors is recalling certain model year 2005-2007 cadillac cts vehicles. some of these vehicles have a condition in which repeated flexing of the passenger sensing system mat in the front passenger seat may cause the mat to kink, bend, or fold. this flexing can break the connections in the mat. if this occurs, the sensor may not detect the presence of a front seat passenger and will disable the air bag.
2 models affected
Summary on May 4, 2010
General motors has notified nhtsa of a defect in certain model year 2003-2007 cadillac cts vehicles currently registered in or originally sold in connecticut, delaware, illinois, indiana, iowa, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, missouri, new hampshire, new jersey, new york, ohio, pennsylvania, rhode island, vermont, washington d.c., west virginia and wisconsin. some of these vehicles have a condition in which the front brake hose fitting at the caliper may corrode due to snow or water, containing road salt or other contaminants, entering and being retained in the routing sleeve. if the fitting corrodes significantly, the brake hose-tube interface may develop a leak.
2 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on February 8, 2008

Certain vehicles may develop a leak and cause the rear differential to leak. This may cause a lockup leading to  an accident. 

GM will notify owners of affected vehicles beginning February 1,2008. If you have not been contacted, notice a leak by the rear differential and think your car falls under this recall. You should contact your local dealership. It is helpful to have your VIN Vehicle Identification # ready when doing so.

1 model affected
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