2005 Cadillac CTS Questions

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We tried to jump the car and place a new batter in the car. But, it did not help.
My (S) sport button doesn't come on at all. It was working before the winter.
After I changed my steering column my dash says starting disabled remove key
diagnostic code P0008 Engine position system performance bank 1
neither the button on the key or the button on the door will release the trunk. No "click".
the engine will not start after a hard impact at the front drivers corner head light?
not all the time, but often
Back sub cracking needs a cheap and easy upgrade
You provided the way to fix a leak under the dashboard. However, I need to know where the AC Line is located in order to fix it.
leaking under dashboard on right side.
There is a leak under the right side of my dash board. It only leaks when I use the AC or defroster.
Dealership says Ecm good
Key keep getting stuck
Message board, service security system
Service brake system
Service abs system
Temperature gauge not working
Gas gauge not working
Security icon is on
Abs icon is on
I'm about to replace ecm totally myself
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