2003 Cadillac CTS Questions

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Broken piston

Was driving and car just cut off wheel got tight the secerity light came on the dash board.

How many spark plugs are in a 2003 Cadillac cts

I'm havinf a crank no start issue. Scanner read sensor a and b on bank 1 seem to be bad.

I have a wrecked 2004 with a 3.6 that I need to know if it will easily bolt in to my 2003 that has a bad 3.2

Changed rear 0-2 sen finally got check engine light off now having the battery being pulled down . Now these codes come up -P1779 P1780 P1795 P0121 P0221 P0700 P1779 P1780 P2176

Car also cut off and wouldnt start after putting regular gas in it started a little after nd cut off again hasn't cut off since also notice water coming out of passenger door and back floor is wet jus bought car for $950 180000 miles 3 days ago car is a little shaky when braking rides smootn otherwise traction light on and abs light seller said car has been sitting

My daughter was pulling on it while i was driving and now it seems loose. Does anyone know how much this will coat to get fixed?

I purchased a new FOB from dealer ship

When I try to turn on my car it makes like a choking noise then it turns off I have replaced the alternator the timing belt the serpentine belt and still nothing then I checked the throttle body and I noticed there was oil all in there how do I fix this problem

Everithing is Ok, only the message for a couple month now

Car wouldn't start, checked the battery, just had oil sensor replaced & oil changed so I checked oil level & found gas when I removed oil dip stick saw no oil just gas.

what is the proper name of the cooant line that comes from under Mass air flow meter, the top of radiator and connects to the coolant reservoir