2001 Cadillac Catera Questions

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Freind of mine tightened the belt with the tensioner for timing but did not take belt of. Is it still in time?
When i start my car the hole that looks like a plug belongs there at the bottom of the bell housing pours out motor oil when it turns on
We're there any repair solutions that can prevent the tensioner or idler pulley from failure? For instance, replacing with stronger hardened heat treat steel bolts and perhaps a stronger OEM or aftermarket pullys and avoid this catastrophic engine failure possibility? Also, any solutions to the wiring problems associated with this year?
I want ALOT more power...less electrical issues and a much better car.
There is no noise it comes on it does not cool the car or heat.
It's like this the driver's door does not open from the inside or the outside the locks were up and down with the key Bob from The Alarm buttons and on the inside but the door is in lock out mode what do I do
We just bought a used 2001 Cadillac Catera base model, After purchase we hear this car is German made and basically a flop of a car for cadillac, parts are hard to fine, repairs are pricey, etc. We are trying to fix on our own, but can't find any info about how to replace, etc. Only info we get online is regarding the Cadillac CTS which replaced the Catera made from 1997-2001 Any suggestions?
I have 98 catera with bose system and want to put it in 2001 catera..
The 01 does not have the bose or cd player.can you help. Will it function normally
engine cranks,try's to start runs really ruff then dies and won't start, come back the next day fires up and runs great
Had car less than a month, knew nothing about cadillacs, cel came on, then started flashing s. Ok I know I'm probably over my head, took to a auto electric shop. Had car there 3 weeks picked up every weekend and every weekend new problem. Doors started unlocking and locking themselves, not always very inconsistent, Next weekend mechanic still doesnt know what to do, barely looked at car but did have to jump start since car locked and unlocked doors all night...his claim. I notice security is flashing more, hear clicking when driving. dropped car back off, since its a small town highly recommended, trunk stops working, but sometimes it does..? ciggarette lighter in ashtray and back seat stop working completely but one by ebrake still works. The shop says they checked a few things and disconnect neutral switch cleaned off and reconnected, but doesnt think its fixed, still not sure. Drove home and looked down speedometer doesnt work and abs light is on, go up a hill and starts working.,Mechanics answer was buy new neutral safety switch, not sure if it will fix it. DIDN'T TAKE MY CAR BACK. started trying to figure out on my own, had researched a lot while in shop. checked codes again, fixed alternator, o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2, and camshaft position sensor. according to codes car should be golden! Its not nothing has gotten better, in fact now it seems to over heat more, even though temp gauge says its under 3/4, I can hear boiling under hood, fan kicks on just fine, white smoke or vape came out of hood going up hill in limp mode, gauge said nothing wrong with temp. AND CODE STILL SAYS CAR NEEDS CAM SENSOR???? Discovered oil sending unit seems to be leaking oil onto alternator, onstar light is now on, still has abs light come on now and again speedometer usually works during those episodes. Oh and the electric windows dont always work for passengers, lock switch or not! and car acts like alternator is going out AGAIN LESS THAN 50 MILES, I hardly drive this car, when I do it starts having issues after its warmed up. ALSO TRIED EVERYTHING TO CLEAR CEL EVEN CODE READER, TAKING BATTERY CABLES OFF, TOUCHING THEM TOGETHER OFF BATTERY, TURNING KEY WITHOUT STARTING. nothing is resetting code. Only one left is cam sensor, is there more than one? What am I missing???
All of my brake lights on my 01 catera worked yesterday and this morning my reverse light and brake light went out i baught new bulbs went to put them in, didnt work and than after that every single light in the rear went out what is going on
My daughters car was overheating this weekend and I was thinking it could need a replacement on the thermostat.
Been sitting for awhile
Smoking and something in the front, now my headlight,windshield and AC, stays on and car want start! Horn, radio or Windows works!
I was driving the car with one half in the ignition then I put the other half in.but then the battery died so I charged the battery then put the other half in and wouldn't turn the lights worked but still couldn't turn the key.
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