1999 Cadillac Catera Questions

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I have recently had system flushed and pressure tested. No oil in water reservoir and no water in the oil.
Uses coolant a lot faster with the A/C on.
driving, car stalls, wait about 10- 15 mins and it starts up and goes but will stall again whenever. When it stalls it will turn over but not start. checked all obvious things but wondering if any one has any suggestions???????
my heater works on the passenger side but it just blows cold air out the drivers it in the dash?
Need to add freon . There are two ports, one on top nearer passenger Compartment and one lower nearer to radiator. Which do I use.
Car would not start, turned over and over and over, but never started. After 2 days in the garage the mechanic got a code for crank sensor. The car started over and over for the mechanic except around 4:00 p.m. He requested a different ignition key and it started. Does it need a crank sensor?
my 99 catera i just got.drove it for a couple of hours and then noticed while i was sitting still the oil pressure started teetering in the red zone eventually causing the light to kick on..right away my first thought was to rev on it and the light went off. the car runs and drives perfect other than that it a oil pressure switch? a oil cooler? what is it. i have no fluid mixes, or power loss, what could it be. oh yeah the washer fluid light is on but the level is fine. and the coolant low level light is on and its level is fine. owner said it was just bad caps that have magnets inside that sense fluid levels.coolant temp did not increase while i drove the car learning each problem
The oil pump needs to be replaced and I am not sure how to take the oil pump out of the 1999 Catera.
Looking to purchase a 99 catera. Before i do i wanted to research a engine noise the seller told me of. Seller told me the noise is only when the car is first started and dies off when engine has warmed up. 99 catera 110,000 miles, just trying to find out if this would be a wise purchase or will lead to more serious problems thanks
where is the winshield washer fluid jug located on a 1999 cadillac catera?
I recently took my car to a mechanic to get my rear brakes and rotors changed, he got the old brakes, rotors, and parking shoes off, but is now unable to put them back on and says that he may require a special tool. I also had to return two sets of rotors because they didn't fit. Any solutions?
how to change water pump
When I'm on the freeway or driving over like maybe 45-50 mph the whole car starts shaking and jerking and the tires sound like there studdering. This only happens sometimes and sometimes it drives perfect but it's starting to happen more often. ANYONE KNOW WHY OR WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT THIS???
Suspect leaking engine oil cooler. Want to bypass cooler under intake manifold. Need info on fittings to purchase to install on side of block. What thread type or mfg. part number. Is there a kit avialible?
could you please tell me if the catera has a transmission stick if so then where?
it have happen 2 time an i had the car 2year an my email is
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