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About a month ago the leveling warning light on our 1997 Catera would begin blinking after driving continuously for approximately 30 miles on a highway. If we stopped and restarted the vehicle, the light would go off and then come back on in another 30 miles or so. This week the leveling light began coming on during short, local drives and it remains on (does not blink) at times. The manual recommends taking to a dealer but dealers locally (Pensacola to New Orleans) no longer support the car. Would appreciate any advice.


Carlton Dufrechou
6316 Fontainebleau
New Orleans, LA
Is there a feul cut off switch on the 97? If so where is it located?
What is the estimated price tp replace igniton switch on a 97 cadillac catera
Where is the fuse that operates the brake lights
need a location of the raditor fan relay ive looked at the relays under the hood but they are not marked
My engine quit while I was driving, it lost power, then there was a very loud noise that sounded like there was no oil. It cranks over, but wont start. Had it towed to a local garage, so far all they say is it isnt getting fuel, and there is no pressure in the engine.
under powered and runs ruff code reader says multple misfire 2 and 5 what causes this
My windows began fogging up a couple weeks ago, but does not smell like anti-freeze. It is just moisture. Now my display does not come on so I can even turn on my heat/defrost system. Someone told me this could be caused by the air conditioning unit, which I haven't used because it is too cold. What do yu think?
i have a light coming on and i dont know what it is it is yellow with a !in the middle, then the transmission dont pull, i have change the fluid and filter, what can this be?
what is the best way to replace the spark plug wires??
the oil is mixed with the coolant and dont know why it is happening, could it be because of the car overheated, whic is strange due to the fact that never seen it over heat.
i put my key in and try to start it,but there is no resistance when i turn the goes strait to the power posistion
how do you check and replace the transmission fluid in a 97 Cadillac catera
Original gas cap is vented. Replacement gas cap we purchased is non-vented, is this OK?
how to put in a head gasket
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