1997 Cadillac Catera Questions

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When door open it stops,then begin when driving.
Was driving car radio started to turn off so i would push the únlock button the remote radio would come back on. Went to store left car on in fear it alimentos start no more than 5-10minutes car turned off by itself. Ríen it would only crank not start. After 10 mins of trying í killed the battery. So maybe 20-30 minsmaybe even 45 mins goes by after car stopped í got a jump ame after two times of trying to start it car started right up so i drove it 14 miles to my house. Parked it turned it off and went to turn it on and it started right up. Please í am single mother tight on money and need any help on this problem í just got the car love it but really cant afford to take it to dealership to fix but well if i have to when í get paid. Also does anyone know is it hard to hook up if i wanted to upgrade the stereo to a bose stock radio for a 1997 catera?
I used a diagnostic instrument and a code or reading came up. My door locks , high beam lights, interior lights, radio fail to work until I turn the wipers on. Also the alarm stopped working. The car may or may not start after multiple attempts.
Any specifics to change a flat tire
Since December 2014 Car has had the ignition coil replaced, pletnum gasket, valve gasket covers, front tires, new battery, spark plugs and spark plug wires. Looking to purchase this car for really good price from a friend who doesn't want to put any more money into it but don't want to if it's going to be a stupid amount to fix. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
My mechanic has repaired the brakes but the brake light comes on , the brakes are grabbing without being applied, they will not let go until the car sits for a while. The mechanic has replaced the wire that shows one of the brake calipers is activated. I am wondering if it is practical to continue replacing one wire at a time hoping that the next will be the last problem. My mechanic says there are 3 of these wires (sensors ) on each brake. The first repair was $250 but the implied potential is that all 3 on each wheel should be replaced.
since the brake light has come on twice in several hundred miles since replacing the first wire (or brake light sensor), how much patience should I have?
and check engine light intermittent. To get rid of the miss, I turn of ignition and restart. Miss will clear after about 15-30 seconds.
Coolant is disappearing but no leaks on ground underneath and no smell of coolant?
Code reads engine misfire on 6
50,000 miles
I need head gaskets due to the fact the coolant in in the oil.
Car would not start, charged battery but battery was dead after a couple of hoursand charged it again and battery died again while not hooked up?
I traced the hoses into the block and it seems like it comes out as fast as you pour it on driver side
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