Q: CaCl89engineswitchesoffbyslowdrivinif:turn/brake/stop&go/AC;canbegearbox?carbura on 1990 Chevrolet Caprice

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Live in Bahrain, since rainy day water splash and engine switched off; opened trunk wait 10 min then restarted but exaust exploded so: substituted exaust but since then problems by switchon of the car especially cold night and hot morning so always park in the sun and there is no problem to switch on. But car switches off by driving slow. They told me gearbox should be serviced (gaskets leak); by adding missing oil in steering the problem ended but now despite regular check/backfill problem starts again: until now thy always toted the distributor. Can be the carburator? air/oil filter refr. for engine ok. In addition the alarm boing that comes if engine off and lights on, comes also by engine on, permanently. Have a Montecarlo1982 too and addicted to chevy so want to learn cause not many specialist mechanics here but if you have any contacs of specialists here or Saudi Arabia most welcome. Thanks
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When water splashed on engine it most likely got distributor wet and caused it to cross fire inside distrributor cap. When it did this it backfireed causing exhaust to blow up. Reccommend you get a new distributor cap, ignition rotor, and a new set of spark plug wires and stay out of water if you can....(joke)LOL
Hehe, water is here more expensive than gasoline... but I ll stay out... (lol)
Thanks for your reply and suggestions, I ll let you know.