Q: Cabin Air Filter - where is it?!? on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

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2006 Pacifica (3.5L) - I've looked under the dash (passenger side), I see what looks like where I should be able to insert the filter vertically (the size matches of the presumed door matches the size of the filter), but there is no access door. It makes me believe I need to remove the entire casing, which nearly impossible with my limited tools. Am I totally missing something?!? I've watched countless videos and read online articles that tell me I should have an access door that simply slides off, but this is not the case with my car.
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I am having the same issue. in the videos i have seen online there is no molded plastic cover covered in carpet fibers. but i have one which i removed to view a smooth section that looks the size of where the latched door should be. I can not change the filter because there is no latched door that slides there is a bump that can not be removed because it is just a bump not a door.
There is a slide on the cover which you need to move.
Here is it from the manual:

1. Locate the air filter door on the bottom of the lower front HVAC housing just outboard of the passenger side of the instrument panel center stack.
2. Slide the air filter door latch toward the rear of the vehicle until it engages the opened stop on the door.
3. Pull the air filter door straight downward to disengage it from the air filter opening of the HVAC housing.
4. Use your fingers to reach through the air filter opening of the HVAC housing far enough to grasp the air filter.
5. Pull the air filter straight down and out of the HVAC housing.


NOTE: The particulate air filter is labeled with Airflow and an arrow to indicate air flow direction through the filter. This arrow should always be oriented towards the center of the vehicle. Make sure to properly install the particulate air filter. Failure to properly install the filter will result in the need to replace the filter sooner than required by design.

1. Install the filter fully upward into the HVAC housing through the air filter opening with the Airflow arrow oriented towards the center of the vehicle.
2. With the latch still positioned against its opened stop, install the air filter door onto the lower HVAC housing air filter opening.
3. Slide the air filter door latch toward the front of the vehicle until it contacts the closed stop on the door.