Q: c hanged spark plugs put cover back on and car will turn but will not start, on 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

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had the ig. controll checked and was OK, the car ran fine until then
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did you make sure all wires were recconected to the coils? simple mistake but would cause a no start situation. also make sure you didnt bump the main harness or accidently unlug it from the coil packs.
thanks but no wires involved with spark plugs with 97 2.4L engine wires to IC OK, we now think the bolt that hold down the cam on the engine are loose and air is getting in.
i meen the wires coming to the coil pak the spark plug cover is one large coil pack. ive had alot of issues with these also make sure the bolts are tight as they provide the grounding for the system
the cam housing bolt have 4 loose bolt on the back side, we are going to put heili coil on them and get the cam housing tightened down thanks i hope this solves the problem. I have 55 nomad with a 68 327 out of a vett with 4 two barrel carbs and have less trouble with that car than my kids cars
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