Q: bying a car and need some help on 2002 Buick Century

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well im ganna bye a 2002 buick centruy and the cars fuel pump or fillter needs to be fixs ... im asking how can i repair it myself and how ?
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fuel tank has to be dropped. the job is worth about 500. why dont you have him fix it before you buy it. how do you know if the motor is ok??

sorry, you said pump in your post. the pump is inside the tank. the filter is back by the tank and is an easy change. still would let them fix it so you can drive the car prior to buying it.

the last time the owner drove it was saturday and hasnt moved it snice .. if its just the filter i should be able to fix it ...the only reson im doing this is cuz the car is going for 800 ..and still in really good coundtion