Q: Burning smell - really hoping not head gasket leaking b/c/ my clutch is going. on 1993 Acura Legend

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had the flywheel resurfaced by Acura Ventura - to save me some $. Those guys were gr8 to me BTW. I now can't afford to take to Acura - and had one mechanic drive it parking lot sure the entire clutch needed to be replaced for 1200 and change. Then I got a flyer from specialists saying the could "examine it" for $253. Not sure what to do; unless 2nd Co. will include price of inspection in total. Thoughts? I'd love some advice. I've already got a burning smell I'm concerned is head gasket, contributing to the problem. Thank You!
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Burning smell could be clutch friction material, any oil leaks onto exhaust, abnormal internal consumption of engine oil/coolant, or as simple as a plastic debris that found its way onto your exhaust system. By the way, why was your flywheel resurfaced recently? Have you had clutch replaced? Beware if your clutch is worn it could potentially cause your vehicle to run hotter than normal. I would say ask your regular Automotive Service facility or get a third opinion and have them evaluate clutch/drivertrain condition. Best of wishes.
Cheers. I appreciate the quick response. My flywheel was resurfaced about 5 yrs. ago - and I was told that was instead of replacing the whole clutch. I got a flyer from a Japanese motors specialist to "examine" for a special price of $253 - don't know them but I guess I'll look into it. Thank you!
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