Q: burning smell and smoke. on 1993 Mazda Protege

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When I drive I notice a foul burning smell, and smoke...the wheel on the left side is very hot to touch. Then when it happens, I have to let it cool off because I can't get the car to move...the car also shakes when I drive at 60mph or higher.
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This could be a sign of brake lock.It could be that the brake of your hot wheel can not recoil back to normal place.The brake pads are still locked(held tight) to the brake disk even when you release the brake pedal.Due to the friction between the brake pads and the disk,heat is being produced which in turn burn the bearing grease.Take it to a mechanic or if you know how to fix brakes,do it yourself.For temporally measure,remove the wheel that becomes hot,and pry(push back) carefully the brake pads away from the disk using a thin flat screw driver.I did that when i had the same problem and it worked for some time.