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Q: Burning Antifreeze on 2005 Cadillac CTS

So I just got back from getting my oil changed, and my mechanic tells me...bad news...your car is starting to burn antifreeze...bad....big dollars to fix....get rid of the car.....just how big is that to fix??? The value of the car has gone down so much I am still in negative equity on it....trying to figure out how long I have before I absolutely have to get it fixed... Is it s 2005 with 72000 miles; I put about 200 miles a week on it right now..
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ok so i am not a mechanic but i have the same car. ans i just had to replace my radiator. that same code flashed across my screen, check antifreeze level. i replaced my radiator and my car is fine now. not one problem with it. so maybe u have a small leak in your radiator or a hose is loose. if you had to replace the radiator, which would be the absolute most expensive way to go.... would be abou 900 bucks with parts and labor. i paid 300 bucks for my radiator, and my cousin put it in for me. you do need a special tool, and its not that bad, if you know someone to do it for you. if u have to pay a mechanic, your price range should be in the 8 to 9 hundreds. anymore than that and find a new mechanic. i had the total job done in 1 hour. so a buissness would have profited 600 bucks for 1 hour!!!!!! but i am sure they would have said it took several hours!!!!!!! so becareful, and now when u go in you know exactly what your talking about. and in that hour, my cousin also checked my codes to c if i had any error codes, and pretty much he took his time. he is a master cadilac tech, for cadilac.
What are the indications that there is a problem? Are you having to add coolant regularly? Is there smoke coming from the tailpipe?
Actually the car is running fine! I only noticed because the "check antifreeze level" alert showed up on my screen just before I was due for an oil change. So I topped it off...and when I got the oil changed three weeks later is was "low" again. "Low" in this case is about half-way down the resevoir,which seems to signal the alert. My mechanic suggested I keep an eye on it and be sure to check it periodically..I really really really do not want a HUGE repair bill since I really would like to get rid of the car as soon as I can get some equity in it early next year... but I also do not want to keep driving it if I can causing more damage....just seems unusual it would go down so much....
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