Q: bumping noise in rear on 1996 Toyota Camry

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the right rear of the car has a bumping noise at times when I drive. The shocks seem ok (did the check where I pushed down on the rear and it did not keep bouncing up and down). I looked under the rear and saw no obvious loose bolts. Can a shock become loose?
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These cars are synonomous for this rear sound I had the similiar problem changed struts and shocks and still had the problem. I have been told but not sure that the problem lies in the trailer arm bushings. Might check there.
I had same problem with my 96 Camry. Thought it was the struts, but other than the noise, the car seemed very stable and not a mushy ride. Found out that the rear stabilizer links (one on each side) bushings were worn out. Replaced them at $30 a piece (Autozone). Noise went away. Hope this helps. Bottom line. Check before replacing stuts, as they can be expensive.
Even if a shock looks good it can make noises when worn out, Best thing is to have a shop but it up on a lift and inspect the whole suspension system